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Brand Gauloises Cigarettes
Gauloises Cigarettes

Probably the most famous French cigarette brands, Gauloises Blondes are presently made by Imperial Tobacco, to be the third-largest brand with this tobacco giant.

Gauloises originated from 1910, like a non-filtered cigarette created of Turkish tobacco combined with dark types of Cavendish tobacco, which together offered this brand a bold and distinctive flavor.

Within the 1920-1940s Gauloises were one of the indicating patriotism, and smoking these cigarettes was connected with “heartland” values and rebels from the Vichy Regime. This flagship cigarette brand was an origin of inspiration for a lot of French and European artists, including Jean-Paule Sartre, Pablo Picasso, Albert Camus and many more.

Within the 1984 the company was re-launched in completely new format, being a modern and premium-quality cigarettes representing American blend. The makers renamed it Gauloises Blondes and highlighted its national identity by selecting French-style shade of blue and red colors, which known the various strength of the trademark.

Thus, full-flavored Gauloises Blondes Red, mild Gauloises Blondes Blue and smooth Gauloises Blondes Cream were brought to the marketplace.

Gauloises Blondes are prominent for his or her unique, wealthy taste, perfect quality and tangy flavor, and marketed underneath the “Liberte toujours” slogan, which may be converted from French “Freedom forever”, symbolizing the liberty of preference and spirit from the smokers preferring this brand.

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